Pair of Thieves is a different kind of sock company, making a different kind of sock.

Being with the company since day one, as the sole designer, I came up with the logo, type, packaging and most of the sock and underwear patterns. As well as doing this, I’ve been leading all of their graphic needs for communication.

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Branding, Design, Pattern design
Matthieu Lusignan + Pair Of Thieves
Pair Of Thieves

A New Design Experience

As a designer, my skills lie primarily in design. It is what I am trained in and know inside out. However, working in a cross-functional team with product designers, developers, even factories gives a better and deeper understanding of the entire design process. It comes up with technical solutions that, combined with creatives, solve a lot of problems and produce delightful designs.

Pattern marabou

A pattern can be described as a repeating unit of shape or form. The inspiration comes from nature, objects, trends…Over the years, I learned to specify my designs to respond to both the fashion trends but also the problems of manufacturing the products.